Monday, February 15, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

It's just so fun. And a friend brought it to my attention that it would suck if your significant other's birthday fell on Valentine's Day because then you'd have to share the doting spotlight. If you're single, well, there's just no getting around it, it's just not as fun. But singles still deserve something special on this day, a meal with friends, a movie, a tennis match, an afternoon by the pool, something to make a day that celebrates love, lovely. Because everyone is or was loved by someone.

Our day began with a pathetic budgeter's gift exchange. Sweet nonetheless. We met the siblings on Balboa Island for an afternoon of coveting homes and too much candy. Then we met some friends at a steakhouse for dinner and too much wine. We topped it off with a round of Rock Band, champagne, and some winter Olympics. We have some friends that seriously know how to plan and host a good time. We're surrounded by people who can cook, clean, plan, and entertain way better than us. It's wonderful and sobering. They also save lives at work and ace exams in med school and tell stories way better than Cary and I. We suck. But we definitely know how to cast the doting spotlight on this day. Which we usually suck at. Doting that is.


Cary was so distracted by my beauty on the way to Balboa that we went the wrong way and had to take the ferry instead of the bridge over to the island. 25 minutes and $2 later, we made it to the other side. Not before almost running over pedestrians, bikers, children, dogs. Madness.

This is the house on a block in Balboa that everybody must hate.

This is how much my brother-in-law  (and his bud who's also her med school classmate) loves his wife. I need lessons from her.

This is the lion we encountered.


Anonymous said...

You and Cary can pride yourselves in being wonderful company! Vday was a blast with you guys!!! Xoxoxoxo -cw

Aly said...

Aw, thanks man! You and J too! Total ditto. =0)