Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Voicemail Revolt

Working late like a good little bee and how am I rewarded? I miss a 3,000 mile away phone call from boot camp Cary. Sigh. But can I help it? I have a life! (I was heading to a special showing of An Education at the theater near my work as soon as I had finished.) I was writing and typing and focusing away, and in my black hole of an office in the very center of the second floor of the marketing building, I get zero reception. Maybe negative, since it went straight to voicemail apparently; it didn't even try and ring.

But he got through to his mom thankfully, so I got to hear a few extra tidbits through her.

It was good to hear his voice. Though it was hoarse and he said so. From yelling, sir? And his hair is as short as it can be, fuzz over baldness, I picture. He has two minutes and wrote things down to say. He misses me, loves me. It's hard, but he's doing okay. He found a cool, funny friend ... And then there's some louder background noise, and his voice is pretty quiet, so something was said that I didn't catch. (A funny friend. Good. Comedy is relief in tough situations--in the book Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell via Patrick Robinson, the unbelievably brave Navy Seal team was also unbelievably witty with comments as sharp as tacks, dripping with sarcasm, and comical to the core, even in the midst of gunfire.) The phone call cut out right after he said the class before him didn't get a phone call for eight weeks. Well, a voicemail three days in ain't bad, but it may be a while now. Sigh.

You'd think I could just listen to my voicemail if I miss him. Nope! The thing deletes in 21 days. Ridonkulous. Revolt.

We did manage to talk the night he arrived in Newport. His airport carpool buddy still needed a room, and Cary offered the the extra twin bed he had available. Another pilot. Cool guy, he said. And everyone at dinner was great. About 30 officer candidates met up for a meal on the eve of what would probably be the toughest training they would endure in their Navy careers. Unless they're going on to be Seals. Hoo-ya.

My friend Tiffany is leaving for Japan soon to meet her husband on deployment for the Navy. This boot camp stint will be worth it if we get to do that one day...


MischiefbyLoki said...

It's good to hear updates. You from him, and us from you.

Aly said...

Ha, thanks!