Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Many thanks to Page Johnson Castrodale, Cary's current hatchmate's wife (current roommate, not Castrodale's current wife of course), for getting and sharing these with all the loved ones part of the OCS Class 15-10 Family & Friends Facebook Group. I just had to share via the blog too. Enjoy.

ABELEIN - 3rd Time’s a Charm - passed RLP (room, locker, personnel inspection) on the third try

ADESANYA - Frog - has been so ballistic during his time at OCS, his voice now sounds like a frog

AGUILERA - Baby Daddy - was informed of wife’s pregnancy while at OCS
BECOTE - Orange Peels - peels oranges slowly and had fruit privileges taken for two weeks
BROWN - Two Cents - always contributes his input on any topic
CASTRODALE - High Orbit - was given RPT (remedial physical training) by having to run in circles around a candidate doing marching tours

COLEMAN - Little Mermaid - was RPT’d by having to pour full water bowls on himself and then "swim" in it
COONS - Fight Club - was called out for never having won a fight
CROCKETT - Zip Code - didn't know his girlfriend’s zip code and so couldn't send her mail
DELEON - As You Were - says “as you were” more than anyone
FONG - Edward Scissor Hands - has deformed joints; cannot make knife hands properly
GARLINGTON - Prego - had stomach issues nearly every day the first week of training

GILL - Bull’s-Eye - gets more attention than anyone else in the company
HAGEN - Chipmunk - was yelled at for chewing in the chow hall after standing because he “found food” in his cheek
HALL - Hey guys… Homework… - says this a lot
HARVEY - Band Geek - participated in band over sports despite being gigantic
HENDERSON - Left Aye - RPT’ed by having to run laps in the gym shouting “aye aye, sir” every time her left foot struck the deck

HOADLEY - Mr. Furious - has anger management problems

LAMB - German - was instructed to count in German despite not speaking the language (Cary said the drill instructor actually spoke German and knew the guy was BS'ing him)
LARIONI - Articulate - difficult to understand when ballistic

LAWSON - Scuttle
 - was pooped on by a seagull
LOGAN - JR SR - his initials form both JR and SR

MCSWAIN - Garbage Disposal - eats anything and always in large quantities
MILLER - Math Whiz - could not take the correct number of steps during a drill period

MOORE - Short Term - shortest run as section leader
PALLIE - Band Aid - didn't want to curl his finger into a fist for fear his band aid would fall off

POHTILLA - Sicko - had a horrible cough for the first few weeks 

SANTIAGO-FIGUERO - Head Call - requires many head calls 

SONNICHSEN - You’re Fired - has been fired from more positions than anyone else in the company

STROUP - Hairdo - used to have a very distinctive haircut

SUN - Mr. Miyagi - always has a lot of wisdom to pass down about evolutions

TEER - Slow Blinker - blinks so slowly that he appears to be sleeping

WASHINGTON - Bulldog - struggles with pushups

WILLIAMS - Wannabe - is called “wannabe badass” a lot by Class Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hurst, United States Marine Corps
ZAMUDIO - Brain Matter - was RPTed by running laps in the gym until he “found his brain matter”

Cary said since you have to say everything ballistic-ally, aka really loudly, everyone's mistakes are even funnier. And then there's the fact that you can't laugh or else you'll get in trouble. So picture saying, "Sir, a seagull pooped on me!! May I go to the head to wash it off?!!" Or, "oine, deutch, tretch!!!" That's fake German. And then don't laugh. Which we all know is even easier when you're not supposed to. I couldn't even read these and not laugh out loud.

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