Sunday, May 9, 2010

In Santa Monica, all the people got / Modern names

I got to see Cary for the first time in well over two months. Well, via camera phone. He says that neoprene arm band that holds his identification, important papers, and now his returned cell phone (which is making conversations, texts, and photos acceptably rampant), would make him feel like a hairless nerd if it weren't required of everybody.

After a phone call from Rhode Island in The Getty courtyard full of sunshine and overlooking LA, I resumed walking through the Leonardo da Vinci Sculpture--Inspiration and Invention--special exhibition. This enormous, anatomically correct, da Vinci-inspired horse sculpture by a female artist I can't remember or track down, captures your focus when entering the exhibition hall. The sculpture was based on da Vinci's drawings and research and meant to have the Prince of Milan as the rider. The sculpture, not actually present unfortunately, but replicated true to size on the gallery's foyer wall, stands 40 feet tall.

Yesterday was topped off with Italian food in Santa Monica, where snazzy little bro-in-law brilliantly spotted a star, my goal for the day in LA. No vampires. Dang. Parvati Shallow of Survivor fame, winning the million in season 16 and competing in Micronesia, the Cook Islands, and in the current season themed Heroes vs. Villains.

And did I mention Friday afternoon was made fantastic with this co-writer's video depiction of a conversation about our software company's events? It might be an inside joke with a punch line possibly understandable from the outside. Or if you've ever given me longer than 30 minutes to explain what I do and who I work for, you'll get it right from the get go. Congrats.

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