Friday, May 21, 2010


Lil' bro-in-law and I are discovering the joy of bike riding. Road cycling. Bicycling. Whatever. The peacefulness of finding a good cycling partner, a breathing rhythm, the right equipment, the view at the top after a climb, the perfect temperature breeze as you speed down a hill at dusk toward that clean, surprising beauty of a Mormon temple--the peacefulness is just right, the scales of energy and relaxation balancing just right. The air is oranges. And the slightly dangerous at dusk fact that your husband took your reflectors off your bike because he says they're nerdy doesn't matter. It's pot on two wheels. Well, there are times when I want to hurl, but that's the balance there, see.

On the trip below, earlier this week, we got lost, missed the turnoff to East Sunset and had to traipse around Yucaipa to get back to Redlands, and then had to get a lift a few miles out from Redlands because I blew a tire and had not yet stocked up on gear for that let alone know how to actually execute solving the problem.

But don't worry, I have it all packed away and down pat now.

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