Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As we near the half New Year ... I'm big on halves. Half-birthdays. Half-anniversaries. Half-and-half. No, I don't really like that one ... I'm contemplating a new adventure, a resolution of sorts. Because I shouldn't not like half-and-half. A rich dairy milk perfect for coffee, some teas, and hot cereals should be a fine substitute for my usual soy. Is soy getting boring? Kind of. Though healthy, and delicious to me, slightly sweet and earthy, options are nice. And sometimes easier. And more polite. It's the stuff Americans are made of. Literally. I think opening my mostly vegan self (I do like me some fro yo or a chili relleno or a swiss omelet--these are so tasty!--now and again) to new food adventures might be wise at this point in time. A vegan lifestyle is super for a slim down or cleansing up for a marathon, but as I embark on new adventures to far-away Navy lands one day--the south one year, Asia or Germany over the next--I think I might like to free up my mind to try things like a balanced diet of squab and squid and the like.

Creatures of the sky and sea might not be the best next go-to on-the-go breakfast ritual, but it might be fun to be a bit of a foodie and start trying new things beyond biking and flossing and restaurants no one I know really likes anyway. Yeah. I like this. A good half-year resolution. This means that it has slightly less weight than a New Year's resolution. Hey, I don't ask for gifts on Earth Day. So if I turn down some shrimp cocktail or a bloody burger, don't berate; sometimes I'm just not gonna have the mood in me to be a chewy vampire. But be ready for some tales about a brave new menu.

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Bill Pritchard, Non-Squid Eater said...

Has anyone ever seen a squid swimming in the ocean and thought, "Wow, I'd like to eat that!" ? For that fact, can you imagine what it was like for the first person to eat a squid? Perhaps even cold, or raw? Then evolving to baked or boiled squid, or squid soup, until eventually, eating squid, battered (11 herbs & spices?) and deep fried? Personally, I would have starving, extremely starving before eating a squid. But what do I know?

thebluemuse said...

I thought the same thing about squid until I was introduced to fried calamari with spicy aioli. The little rings look nothing like squids of the deep and it helps not to think about it! ;)

In terms of your mid-year resolution, I'll be interested to hear about your adventures. My cuisine has significantly expanded since college and I eat things I would have never fathomed liking back then (e.g. calamari and sushi). However, I still watch Top Chef and think "NO WAY!" to about 85% of things they make.

Aly said...

Anything fried and smothered in aioli should go down smooth, huh, fellow foodies. Thank you for the thoughtful thoughts!