Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is what's been going on. Sheesh. The only things I've done, learned or loved in the last couple weeks is what follows.

Okay, maybe there were a few more yummy meals, solid movies, buzz time and quirks sprinkled in, but these are the only things I can remember - since I became a bad writer and stopped jotting things down, Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song being my anthem for several days times two.

I would also rather inform than bore.

Paddle boarding is super hard in wind. Perched atop the longboard skateboard of surfboards (er, I guess they share the same name), I notice what was intended to be a nice, crisp turn around a buoy at the mouth of the bayou is more like orbiting Earth...as Pluto (the star, planet, whatever).

But the arm and ab workout, and water floating over my feet, makes the trek worth it. Also, watching the pup freak out when the hus and I paddle away together. How can anyone like us that much?

Having 'watch' means your spouse will not return to you for 36 hours. This isn't so bad. I was able to finish book one in The Hunger Games trilogy. (If you haven't read these, you must finish what you're reading as quickly as possible and get all three books ASAP. You will not. Be able. To put them down.) I was also able to re-watch fave eps of Game of Thrones and Sunday's True Blood season four double premier.

Some freelance work and housework made it in there somewhere, too. But I know what you might be thinking. Why didn't I marry an HBO executive, or an author of gripping novels. Because no one can make dog walking fun like that helicopter pilot. It wasn't the same by myself. And that's all the difference.

Courtesy of Geekologie
Your 5th anniversary gift should be wood. No, not that kind. Well, sure. But it should also be the material. The list creators probably had a house in mind. But since we already have an upside-down one of those, we opted for a bed. Well, a mattress. King. TempurPedic. Mmmm. And if we have enough left over after bedding, maybe a platform frame - er, bed. The terminology alone was a killer - not to mention the research, warranties, discounts and mattress covers with a warranty all their own to protect the bed-ack!-mattress...blah, blah, blah). The point is, wood is good all around. Bed, bed, or the down payment on a house at the bottom of the market. But don't forgo a dinner with dessert, and maybe tickets to see The Green Lantern, along with a package of coconut M&Ms instead of coffee, and river camping for 4th of July, and some Bachelorette that night.

We don't ask for much.

Blood Mary's have more ingredients than you'd think. Since we forgot to freeze the freezer bowl before getting ready to use our new ice cream machine, (no rock salt necessary - huh), we didn't have bowls overflowing with homemade (?) chocolate chip mint for the True Blood premier. But the bloody Mary's were apt and probably just as darn good. If you want/need to make one, you'll need the below to make it properly tasty.
Courtesy of Pimp My True Blood

Vodka (and heavy on it)

Tomato juice (and ice, if you forgot to put it in the fridge when you got home)

Lemon juice

Worches-ces-tres-ter (whatever) sauce

Tobasco sauce



Celery (yes, you need to stir with it; you'll also enjoy munching on it nervously as you watch Eric threaten Sookie)

(Vampires optional)

And as for amounts, just do whatever you want. Hooray.


Jonathan said...

Pickles are also good in lieu of celery.

Aly Lawson said...

Muchas gracias, Jonathan!

llwade said...

I am so glad you finally read Hunger Games! You are lucky you don't have to obsessively wait for each book to come out a year apart. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Witty and wonderful as always. July 2 is the best date for an anniversary I say. tina

Anonymous said...

As always a wondeful read :) going to take you up on the book recommendation.... AND the bloody Mary recommendation, such a good idea to drink that while watching true blood!!! :) christy

Aly Lawson said...

Bean, you make a good point. But why is it I jump on the bandwagon of HG and Twi and whatever else instead of building that bandwagon. You, smartie.

Thanks, Tina! July 2 IS magical for some reason. ;0)

Christy!! You must read it! And drink it! And keep watching! OXO

Cary said...

Bruno Mars looks like AJ Z.

Aly Lawson said...

True dat.