Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beautiful People and Squidoo is a new site getting lots of flack for it's seemingly shallow approach to dating. I can't decide. It makes sense kind of; Cary also pointed out that it could kinda contribute to the degradation of our society. Hmm. More importantly of course, I can't help but be tempted to try and get on. But not get it on. The current people on it, the "members," vote the applicants in or not. Maybe you see if you can, and then let me know. Yeah. That's much safer for my ego. But back to the don't beautiful people need a spot to network too point. (If they don't care about coupling up further down the totem pole, then they don't need this resource--and doesn't this make beautiful America more productive not wasting time with people you're not attracted to? I have no idea. It just sounds bad to argue that but maybe it's true; or maybe Cary's right as usual. Sigh.) Leave a comment perhaps. I'd like to get at least two comments on my blog this year. And you can't be my mom. Sorry, mom.

Squidoo is another site I can't determine what I feel about it. Marketing guru and blogger Seth Godin recommends it. I tried setting up a 'lens' as they call it. But I can't really see how great it is because it's a little hard to use and figure out the point of. But just like new CDs, maybe it takes a while to grow on you.


Nicole said...

The degredation of our society? Or a better looking society? Think about it. Ha.

I don't understand what Squidoo is. So there's that.


Nicole said...

oops, degradation*

...and there are your two comments. Done!