Monday, January 11, 2010

Dell Latitude Laptop Finger-Lickin' Good

Monday's headliner is I got to really rev the new work laptop and take it for a full day's spin. After it was installed on Friday, I almost teared up at how fast it was opening apps left and right. Not to mention I had to restrain myself from hugging the technician.

Outlook, two Internet browsers, TweetDeck, iTunes, and zillions of Word documents and hours later, I was still zooming along and practically whistling while I worked. I feel like I had a great day when nothing especially wonderful happened. Well, I did manage to shove out a couple decent articles on the technology I help market along with a dozen or so other writers who seem brighter, wittier, and just plain too talented to not be working as full-time novelists. (But the world's biggest little mapping software company treats us well. Me like job.) But I attribute the smokin' article output to the finger-lickin' good keyboard, mouse, and Dell Latitude Laptop (consumer recommendation - okay, I should give it another day or so though but so far so good). Good technology is inspiring for an aspiring writer.

fyi - the key is a docking station. Need to reference a dozen files for an article while at home? No problem; your work computer came with you. Desktops and towers no more. Double monitors are also nice under the tree.

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