Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday bo Biday

The week flew by like a herd of turtles in water where they belong. We're up at Mammoth...again...which is always bittersweet for me since I love the cabin, village, people, food, skiing, and snow, but I hate the 10 car hours it takes out of my weekend.

mmm...a bittersweet chocolate chip cookie sounds good right now.

The whole trip just became worth it though watching Cary and the guys push his dad's new jaccuzi up a flight of stairs to get it to its final resting place on the cabin's balcony. I'm just waiting for them to fill it with water and watch it crash to the ground below. Pessimistic, pessimistic. Cary's mom asked his uncle how we would go about fixing that, and he said, well, if you break a 4x4 you replace it with a 4x4, and if you break a 2x12 you replace it with a 2x12 (those numbers are probably way wrong but it was hilarious).

Now I'm sitting here wanting to go see some friends at the Westin. * * * * Just took a break from writing to relay the story of the Running the Sahara film to the fam. Probably too late now to see the friends. We'll see.

It's been four days since my last post and that saddens me; work writing, story pitching research, errands, friends, and early morning runs, have made for a non-stop week. It feels good to have the days fly, but I'm exhausted and anxious about the 22-miler I've got with the Lopers Sunday morning. The hip and the knee are problematic--so is the sore throat that's creeping up on me. I will conquer. Ice and ibuprofen. Beats running across the Sahara, Aly. Just do it. And go enjoy the rest of your Friday bo Biday.

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Cary said...

Brett first replied "with wood" (in a tone that could only mean, that is the dumbest question ever).