Monday, January 18, 2010

22 Chased with a Real Side of Fruit

After 22 grueling training miles that should have been breezier no thanks to a hip that felt like an 80 year old's and a knee that felt like my hamstring was trying to sneak around the outside and kiss my kneecap, a real side of fruit was just what I needed. Just look at that half-eaten combo of watermelon, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries!

Meeting two fabulously fun co-workers for brunch, I felt like Carrie on Sex and the City with a blog buzzing at home and the creativity of pulling from my husband's closet for clothing. (Actually, I probably looked a little misshapen in a T-shirt a size and a half too big, and honed the prattling of someone who could talk forever about TV, movies, music, and books, like that's all I think about ... Well, it is as a childless, sometimes husband-less, working girl--ahem, the Melanie Griffith kind). We concluded the happy meal with a garnish of jelly beans from the Costco jar, at which point I shared my new recipe for Jelly Belly apple crisp--green apple and sizzling cinnamon.

Normally Sundays mean bed-ridden rest paired with bowls of dry Life Cereal and glasses of Crystal Light, but with an extra day off due to MLK Monday, I felt a second wind coming on. Two grocery stores later (yes, finally made it to Trader Joe's, and for veggie pot stickers one of the sisters-in-law clued me in to; I always forget how yummy and affordable their stuff is), a replacement Shuffle tracked down, caught Up in the Air since The Lovely Bones was sold out (today? [sheesh, that line was long; good for them]), it felt like an accomplished and entertaining day. However, the burrito and Hot Tamales enjoyed during the movie may have permanently burned my tongue's tastebuds. Then I stayed up 'til 2 a.m. watching the Golden Globes. The coolest was Christoph Waltz winning best supporting actor for Inglourious Basterds. He was a flipping strange scary that General Landa.

Three weeks 'til Huntington's Surf City Marathon! See if you want to do LA or San Diego with me.

Oh hey, I figured out Squidoo a bit too, as long as you're perusing marathon Web sites. See what you think.

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