Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain and Snow, Suicide and Glee

Last week, more rain fell than Southern California knows what to do with, snow levels dropped, and Mammoth Mountain got almost 20 inches a day. What does this equal? Me needing a poncho and a boat to get around, suicidal thoughts, and then pure, freeing excitement and exhilaration as myself, Cary, and a hundred other people played in Mammoth's powder late last Saturday afternoon ... When they FINALLY opened the top after we had to wait for them to avalanche-proof the place. Sheesh, so inconsiderate.

There's something magical about the surreal silence and unhindered glee of skiiers and snowboarders playing on their mountain. Everyone laughing, everyone yelling, "I'm not waiting for you!" As Cary says, no friends or family exist on a powder day on my mountain...

Image credits:  Kurt Miller, The Press; unknown - forwarded via e-mail.


Adam said...

I'm so jealous that you got to ride. I'm with Kerry, nothing worse than people slowing you down when fresh tracks are being made by others.

Aly said...

I never knew that was such an important thing; well, I had never really experienced real powder. We're so deprived of such a fun and simple thing!