Wednesday, January 20, 2010

They Call Me Lindsey Vonn

Sike. Try about six inches shorter and hair about six shades darker. But we do have two other things in common; we love to ski and we're both girls. So that makes me a rooter for her.

Lindsey Vonn is a double World Champion and Overall World Cup Winner. A crowd favorite not hurt by her all-American looks and dream that hailed from Minnesota. Pro skier lineage and a family that moves to Vail to support that Fargo-accented dream, (wasn't sure of a Minnesota city everyone would recognize; movies help, huh?), does make things cushy, but the woman works hard. Of course. Like every other Olympian that sacrifices more than relishes. The fandom still stands though. It's nice to have athlete camaraderie the world round, knowing that when you're up at 5 a.m. in the dark or cold or rain or snow, sweating and freezing and out of breath and aching, just for the sake of a heartbeat, or you know, gold medals--good company in essence is hard to find.

I could be jealous that while I was fighting chronic nosebleeds on the rope tow, she was fluid free, taller, and blonder on black diamonds--but instead, I just admire. Besides, my junior high kisses on chair lifts probably outnumber her junior high titles. (wink)

Be sure to watch Vonn in the winter Olympics starting February 12 on NBC.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me we don't have to go on rope tows at mammoth!! :) by the way, way to go starting off kissing in junior high huh I'm impressed! Let's just say I was a late bloomer.... :) -your favorite Christy!

LL Bean said...

That was the highlight of my day I tell ya! Skiing was the perfect vehicle for an opportunity to kiss my junior high crush!

Aly said...

Precisely. =0)