Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I wrote this when I was in middle school. Ha.

I remember
when I loved to write cheerfully vivid stories on
bright blue notebook paper.
As a child I loved to swim and eat
cherry popsicles.
I lived through big brothers,
school bullies,
shattered confidence,
and stolen best friends.
At thirteen I'm small, and scared sometimes
with braces.
I’m still growing.
Sometimes a good cry feels good.
I don't sing or paint anymore.
I play sports and dream of writing again.
I cherish my friends, but don't fully trust.
I have these.
I hope for hope
and pray for faith.
And wish I wouldn't fall down so much.
The braces come off soon.
The door marks my inches.
I think I'll dig around for that notebook paper when I get home.

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