Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life Goals per High School

Aly Pritchard
AP English
Virlys Moller
9-11-00 (strange)
  1. Pierce my navel. (check) {really? first on the list?}
  2. Speak French fluently. (does 101, 102, & 103 in undergrad count?)
  3. Pose for a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. (check)
  4. Cut my own hair. (check; never again though)
  5. Cut it super short
  6. Run a marathon (check ... going on two)
  7. Live on my own (check)
  8. Live in the city (does downtown Portland or the outskirts of DC for a summer count?)
  9. Live by the sea
  10. Write a front-pager (check; college newspaper count?)
  11. Write a best-seller
  12. Write a screenplay
  13. See Prague (check)
  14. Own something couture
  15. Own an old Volkswagen Beetle
  16. Play Belle at Disneyland
  17. Report on TV (check; college station count?)
  18. Meet the one (check)
  19. Have a baby
  20. Own a house and a dog I actually like (check, check)
  21. Do it in an airplane bathroom. (that's private!) - and obviously I didn't turn this one in, right?
  22. Accept harsh criticism without crying in the shower (check)

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