Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mimic Poem

Aly Pritchard
College Writing 121
Mimic Poem

(Based on the rhyme scheme of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening by Robert Frost)
Excuse the lack of French letters

Stopping by Sacre Coeur

When in Paris do as the Parisians
And stroll up the sidewalks as true Europeans:
Survey the Sun-bleached city of lights
And smell the grassy hillside 's Dandelions

Pure and free is the air it seems;
Above the bustle of the street and Rusty guillotines...
No hurry takes place on this hill divine
All is pleasure without purpose so Crystalline

The sky is Ablaze against the white church Byzantine
The fountain is gay beside a Red Belle so fine
All is well nibbling the plat du jour
This cobblestone path knows only love 's rhyme.

Life radiates culture, books, and tepid temperature
Things flow like Sweet Nectar and a perfect manicure
while strolling the sidewalks near Sacre Coeur
while strolling the sidewalks near Sacre Coeur

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