Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idolizing America

A phenomenon behind American Idol is how much it makes me gawk and gape at America. There's people I like, cringe at, admire, envy. From sob stories to looks, style, and vocal chords that could kill, it's such a smattering of characters and talent, or lack thereof, broadcasted for hours on end in the weeks leading up to the top 24.

However, Hope Johnson and a few others with that unique kind of voice I could not only listen to every day but anticipate the next note with that musical sense of urgency, were booted off tonight. That sucks. But I recover quicker than them probably and continue to latch on to favorites to watch over the weeks.

But I still look on with respect for those that returned home to jobs or classes with their heads held high, back to the loved ones--kids, parents, spouses cheering them on whether it's good for them or not.

Image courtesy of LOVE LIVE

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