Monday, April 12, 2010

Seth's Blog - Aly's Picks from the Head I

Thanks for the recent posts, Seth, as the subject matter is great for writers, marketers, and Web content creators. Smart and soothing.

There is no tribe of normal

People don't coalesce into active and committed tribes around the status quo.

The only vibrant tribes in our communities are the ones closer the edges, or those trying to make change. The center is large, but it's not connected.

If you're trying to build a tribe, a community or a movement, and you want it to be safe and beyond reproach at the same time, you will fail.

Heretical thoughts, delivered in a way that capture the attention of the minority--that's the path that works.

April 12

When in doubt, disaggregate

The typical American buys precisely one book a year.


Of course, this isn't true, because when it comes to books, there is no typical American. There are a lot of Americans who buy zero books for pleasure each year. And then there are people like me who buy 400. The average is irrelevant.

When you can't figure out the best way to treat all your customers, the best way to price things, the best thing to offer, realize that the problem is almost always this: you're trying to treat everyone the same. Don't. Break them into groups with similar attributes, and suddenly the path becomes a lot more clear.

April 13

Read more Seth posts from the bic-ed head including The Levy Flight, which is very cool and handy for Web writers. And watch for more in this series of post plagiarism potpourri. Hey, credit due checked and I'm encouraging a re-blogging widget.

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