Monday, April 12, 2010

Wednesdays with Dr. Joe

My dad shared a blog with me after attending his 40th high school reunion a week ago. While I feel like I haven't yet grown into the philosophical, parental version of myself--and therefore am discovering gaps between how I relate to my parents and what we read and watch and talk about--I did find Dr. Joe Wheeler had something to say that struck a chord in my 27-year-old heart and brain.

Thoughts on the people that helped us grow up...

I knew you when—. I knew you when you were young and crazy like us. When you loved us unreservedly even when we were most unlovable. There were times when you lost your temper, when you did and said stupid, even inexcusable things, just like some of us did—but we loved you all the more because we knew the love you had for us was Velveteen Rabbit real. And it’s because of all that, that we haven’t been able to forget you—that we can’t even imagine not having you with us when we celebrate our 40th alumni weekend.

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