Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party People Skin and Sustenance

Party hostess tip learned last night: henna tattoo stations lead to the perfect party favor. I mean look how cute they can be. This one is on a friend, Allison's, wrist. Dinopower, she says.

Or you can opt for Jesus, a bull skull, the batman symbol, a sleeve--art that got funnier as the night progressed.

Then you can walk around the rest of the week, watching it crackle away and remembering the endless supply of Skittles, drinks, Mexican food, and brownies that made me want to scream, muchas gracias.

Cary didn't believe me when I sent him a photo of his name on my chest. I think 'gullible' should be a trait little girls put on their MASH checklists for future husbands.

Wulp, some skin and sustenance is all you need for a good party apparently.

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