Sunday, June 6, 2010


Some things you can do make your state of mind recession-proof.

Dance around your house to good music for five minutes
Tip bigger not smaller
Order $1 (+shipping) books on Amazon
Order new shoes (free shipping both ways!) on Zappos
Get a Jamba Juice for lunch and read your Amazon book
Play with an animal at the pound
Get Netflix for $5 a month
Eat dinner in with friends
Watch the TV programs you're afraid to tell people you watch
Take walks
Ride bikes
Find a pool and swim in it
Borrow athletic equipment to do expensive sports
Play video games
Clean before you shop
Go get the samples at Costco
Call old friends
Send greeting cards
Join clubs, any kind, hiking, cooking, bird watching
Use; you'll save a bundle
Buy movie tickets in bulk to get them for $6.50 a piece
Organize your closet
Organize your life
Remember, we're all in the same boat


Erlewine said...

Solid blog as always Aly

Aly said...

Merci beaucoup, monsier!