Monday, July 12, 2010

Ghosts on Ferries and Sticks

This I miss.

Balboa Island runs two trusty, ancient ferries. $1 a person or $2 a car. Manned by summer camp counsellors wearing things like Vans and logoless windbreakers. While I sit wondering if taking the ferry really is the quickest way to the Old Spaghetti Factory across the bay, and that I should wear my Vans more, I sink a little watching our doppelgängers nestle in the oddly warm air.

Butters was no help curled up on the passenger seat snoring. It takes her three seconds to fall fast asleep. And me three seconds before I give in and yell at her to stop. I just yelled at my absent husband's dog. She looks up at me. I scratch under her chin. Tell her to go back to sleep.

So I food reviewed this.

Double-doubles animal style, secret sauce sides, and fresh, potato-y fries--eight coworkers gather around a table for six in the shade and try to ignore the nutrition menu our colleague forwarded us prior to leaving. Just cruel.

If you're not from around an In-N-Out, learn more about underground items to order like 'animal style' and 'the flying Dutchman', 'extra toast' and 'the choco-vanilla shake,' with this guide to In-N-Out's Secret Menu.

And since I can't be in Cola-town to try something like a catfish burger 2x4 with, and glisten alongside, the Care-Bear for another two and a half weeks...

(98% humidity he reports.)
...I choose to make him into a paper gangsta for his best friend's wedding.

Driving north by California cows to the venue in Paso Robles, I remember the double-doubles. Tasty. Worthy? Moderation was my only somewhat viable conclusion.

Just a tad longer, my dear mannequin boy and my slowly saddening self, and we'll be able to nestle and do food reviews and attend weddings together. And then we won't. Such is the cycle of our new lives. I have to say your friends can be pretty entertaining when you're not around but with your head on a stick.


jennifer young said...

wow, i really enjoyed reading this aly! you're hilarious! good writing.

Aly said...

Thanks, Jenn! Warms the cockles of mee heart. FYI, I enjoy your photo blog often.