Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hallows' Eve

29. Bam.

I promised myself I would never be a person who hated telling their age, or never rode amusement park rides. Who wanted birthday celebrations to cease and a magic eraser for the marks of aging. But it's harder than I'd thought. Being perpetually 25 would be nice as rental car companies and In Time suggest. And after spending almost my entire 29th birthday at the Pensacola fair, there are some things I realize I won't be able to fend off becoming.

Like getting motion sick from rides like The Stinger.

But as we near 30, the hus (who's five months younger, damn him) and I can still knock back mystery meat corn dogs, a tower of cheese fries, and two helpings of funnel cake - as well as take to several spinning rides set to pop music - without actually getting sick. But my mind did still wander mom-like to the germs in the fun houses and tempting waste of money that was the giant, 100-and-some-pound rat.

The hus and I can still hear the carny's gravelly, repetitive voice.
"The rat ... The giant rat ... Real and alive." (Heard about 36 times while we waited in line at the bumper cars.)
What was it?! A pig dressed to look like a rat? Was it stuffed? But he said it was alive. Arghhh!!! We mature only so much, I suppose. But against the backdrop of gothic teenagers holding hands and making out - and despite my 15-year-old look tendencies and gift to myself of pink and purple streaked hair - I still felt...29.

Courtesy of Gossip Lover
At midnight tonight, the final day of good ol' birthday month begins. So while I need to save some candy for the bite-sized trick-or-treaters tomorrow night, it'll be a final 24 hours of sugar and scary movies. I'm thinking leftover birthday cake, Sour Punch Straws, and some American Horror Story. There's just something literally positively  thrilling about thinking every mosquito, light flicker, or bump in the night, is something sinister.

Or maybe it's because I never wanted to be a person scared of scary movies.

WordGirl for Grown-ups

I don't know how many times I've proofed something that has as much capitalization in it as sharks off the coast of South Africa. Below are the rules. Pretty short. Fairly easy.
  1. The beginning of a sentence, or line item  =)
  2. A proper noun, or a word derived from a proper noun (e.g. English class)
  3. A person's title - but only when it precedes their name!!
  4. The points on a compass only when referring to a specific region (e.g. We're from the South.)
  5. With everything else, just be consistent, and you'll look grand.

Word of the day: Acquiesce. Verb. To accept something reluctantly but without protest. She acquiesced to receiving a 29th birthday gift from her parents.

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"All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on." - Henry Ellis