Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prozaic Moments

I like when people are cheap and creative. That's an area fan substituting as one of those fly fans that shoots a waterfall of air at Niagra pressure as you walk in doors of fine establishments like Cool Cactus.
I like when your coworkers are future Steve Jobses (minus the black turtleneck, plus the definition of contagious enthusiasm, multiplied by Indian charm) and think of good ideas and use good tools to kick ass in business presentations. No death by PowerPoint here.
I like when companies like Dyson don't stop at kick ass vacuums. Yup, that's a restroom hand dryer.
I like when companies decide to make a fortune on something that goes in my belly. Diddy Riese - the most delicious cookies I've ever had; no, the line hype did not sway my opinion then or now.
I like finding a looking glass picture like this one, giving me a view of the past, older brother in mom's tummy with style and an heiress pup to boot.
I like celebrities. And besides concerts and games, I never see fame closer than the nosebleed section. (Oscar-winning and breast-bearing actress Halle Berry with hottie baby daddy in Toontown at Disneyland.) 
(Sorry for the exposure, child.)
I like people who know how to laugh.
And laugh at themselves.
I like moments that work like Prozac. There's plenty of "I hate" moments, so these are what makes those tolerable when you just can't bring yourself to laugh at the hate crime.

This weekend, I also found out I like pancetta. But Cary said bacon is pretty hard to dislike. The moral of the story is at least I know what pancetta is now; when you taste something, it's much easier to remember it the next time you see it on the menu.


Anonymous said...

Those hand dryers are the coolest things everrrr I've totally used one! And you must take me to this cookie shop asap!! Please and thank you :) -cw

Aly said...

Let's do it! I'm free ... Oh, yeah ... always.