Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inefficency from the Ground Up?

Covering an event last Sunday for work (aka attending sessions for inspriation and quotes to write a conference wrap-up article for the corporate magazine that actually looks more like a super-sized newspaper that arrives in mailboxes worldwide), I stumbled upon a sad inefficiency.

Sitting outside on a bench with my laptop, a convention center staff member is sweeping the patio that surrounds me. The broom is undersized. For a patio the size of my house, which isn't that much actually now that I think about it, it's far undersized. And the dustpan is one of those extended ones, the lip of it not really even resting on the pavement enough to allow for a smooth scoop-up. This sucks. For her. Scratch, scratch, scratch goes the doll broom. Scratch, scratch, scratch. This sucks.

So do you want to pay your staff for an hour to sweep? (no seriously, it was like this on a long stick)

 Or 10 minutes?

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