Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't forget to tell your kids...

—enjoy cartoons and crackers
—don't take what's not yours
—be careful when you drive
—embarrassment is worse when you don't accept it with grace
—smothering is loving coming from you
—your first time doing anything is rough
—someone will know they're beautiful
—someone will love them as much as you do one day
—birthdays are for spoiling
—grades aren't everything, but a nice little extra something
—the sabbath is for whatever you want to do
—car rides, naps, and healthy food gets better with time
—you're normal
—you don't have to do everything
—average is a good thing sometimes
—take pictures
—take videos
—write stuff down
—you'll feel better playing when your work is done
—ask people out with confidence
—sincere sympathy is a great kindness
—decorate your room, your locker, and your wedding however you want
—you can tell me anything in confidence
—everything works out, but if you have to worry, have an outlet
—I will always love your father (or mother)
—sex, drugs, and alcohol don't belong in lists like that unless you're purely talking about things to be SMART about
—build good habits early
—independence and homesickness are not mutually exclusive
—don't pick, but if you must, follow up with Neosporin and a Band-Aid
—your scars are your history, memories on your most precious instrument
—no drama is good company
—loved ones gone are only gone for the blink of an eye
—God's forgiveness is like a rain-scrubbed sky; it feels so good and you don't know why, but it's worth a moment's contemplation
—the holidays are about gifts and helping those in need
—be on time
—try new food, new movies, new books, new music
—exactly what to expect when they graduate from college
—pets are for later in life
—drop the friends that don't make you feel good after hanging out with them
—big dreams are magical
—it's true; you'll know when you've found the one
—I'm happy
—it's okay for you to be annoyed by me
—it's not always about you
—I was wrong

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